Chi - Edgewater

Welcome to Edgewater

Edgewater, as the name would imply, hugs the shores of Lake Michigan some seven miles north of downtown Chicago. Famous for its expansive beaches and sprawling park space, this neighborhood boasts an eclectic mix of urban gains and natural beauty. When strolling through Edgewater, expect to find families, a crowd of illustrious city landmarks and some of the Midwest’s best antique shopping. 

Between its lantern lights and vintage lamp posts, the neighborhood’s Bryn Mawr Historic District is a charming reminder of the city’s 1920’s era. Bryn Mawr Avenue is lined with notably significant buildings, including the historic Belle Shore Apartment Hotel and Edgewater Presbyterian Church. You will also discover the Edgewater Beach Apartments, which were once connected to the former Edgewater Beach Hotel, an infamous playground for celebrities in the 1950s.

The neighborhood’s ethnic mix, which includes large pockets of African and Eastern European immigrants, lends delicious international fare to the area. Edgewater is also famous for its authentic deli’s, boutique grocery stores and specialty farm stands. But the neighborhood’s signature attraction is its antique shopping.

Things to do in the Chicago-Edgewater Neighborhood

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